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    IRCUSA Search Engine Promotion Services

    IRCUSA Submits to 2000+ Search Engines
    Most traffic comes via the major engines, however having a listing on a large number of smaller engines can also generate significant traffic. Another advantage of a listing on smaller engines is that you are not competing with a billion other pages for a position in their top ten results.

    IRCUSA submits your URL to both the major and minor engines, so you get the best of both worlds. To achieve the same task manually would take months of your time.

    The latest search engine trend is to rank results by popularity. That means by the number of other sites linking to yours. The result is that submitting your URL to a large number of smaller sites, can increase your ranking on some of the major search engines.

    Priority Submission
    A listing on the major engines is probably the most important. IRCUSA's partnership with various search engines enables you to take advantage of a Priority Paid Listing Submission service. The service ensures that your URL is added within 48 hours. It includes engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, HotBot, iWon, GOTO, Slider, and up to 50 others.

    Search Engine Requirements Updates
    IRCUSA keeps up with the lastest requirements for search engine registration, thus ensuring you always have the most accurate search engine listings. We are constantly adding new sites and removing old sites that no longer work, helping to ensure you have the best search engine coverage possible.

    Engine Spam Control
    Many engines have specific rules and acceptable use policies that govern URL submission. Submission which violates these rules may be considered as spamming and your website may be banned from the engine.

    IRCUSA maintains a set of rules for each engine and will filter out the engines not appropriate for your website content. IRCUSA also prevents multiple submission of the same URL to engines that do not allow it.

    Site Ranking
    IRCUSA checks where your site appears in the search results of the major search engines. Checks where you and your competition rank in a comprehensive ranking report.

    Submitting your site is not enough, building traffic requires analysis of the search engine results as well and IRCUSA does the analyzing for you.

    Page Optimization
    IRCUSA instructs you on how to tailor your Keywords and META tags to achieve a higher search engine ranking. Or, IRCUSA can tailor your META tags and Keywords for you under our site maintenance service.

    Ranking Tips
    IRCUSA offers useful and practical information on how to make your web pages 'search engine friendly' and how to improve your search result positioning.

    IRCUSA Ranking Commitment
    Since 1996, IRCUSA has been an industry leader in search engine registration and ranking and we are committed to ensuring your site's top ranking on the search engines.

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